What do you love?

I’m not an evangelist. There I’ve said it.

I’ve just taken my eldest son to Belfast for the afternoon after AQE paper No.2 had been swiftly despatched. As we get to City Hall there is a bus plastered in scripture parked at the gates complete with someone “addressing” the masses through a 1970’s PA system (if you want to hear him or not!). On the other side of the street is a member of his team – standing as a human sandwich board at the top of Royal Ave handing out “wee leaflets”.

Don’t get me wrong, these men feel that this is their way to grow the Kingdom and I respect that – but it’s certainly not for me and I’d even go as far to say that I’m not sure it’s suitable in 2016. Should we not speak WITH people rather that AT them?

I truly believe that the key to connecting with people is to speak about what you love. For me, that’s music or more specifically guitars. My fellow worship group members give me abuse on a regular basis as I have been known to have a different guitar each week, and even on occasions a different guitar at practise on a Thursday and services on Sundays!

I’m passionate about worship, how it brings people together, how it lets people express their faith and how it can be of huge service to people.

Talking about worship, why I play guitar, why I spend money on guitars and music gear (My wife is very understanding!) and why I give my time and (limited) talents to the Church in this way is easy for me. Why? Because I love it and more importantly I love why I do it!

What do you love? Could it provide you with the outlet to share your faith?

Cordner lives in Bangor and is Head of Business at Belfast Cathedral. He is married to Sharon and they have three kids Rhylan (10), Ruairi (8) and Darcy Joy (2). Simon is part of the worship team at First Presbyterian Church, Bangor.