Support for Senior Citizens

I had coffee last week with Derek Cummings, one of the founders of BICCI and a past chairman. It was good to see him again and to catch up . One of the interesting topics we discussed was the formation of  Senior Support with some churches working together , with Derek adding the following endorsement “if churches are working together they have credibility on the streets”.

Churches taking the lead in this initiative are West Church, Kings Church and Hamilton Road Presbyterian Church.

We will be doing a proper announcement about this later but here is advance notice of a visit by PFS, the Pilgrims Friend Society from the 5th to the 8th May , which includes a public meeting hosted by the Bayview Centre on the evening of Thursday the 7th May.

The speaker will be Roger Hitchings who has a multi disciplinary background having worked for Age UK, been manager of a care home and pastored a church before embarking on this role.

Founded in 1807 as “The Aged Pilgrims’ Friend Society” and originally set-up to provide grants and pensions to needy elderly Christians, the PFS has grown so that they now have 16 schemes throughout England, providing a range of services for older people, from sheltered housing through to nursing and dementia care, as well as home-leave accommodation for missionary families. They also provide other resources to Christians, including a range of books and other publications, conference seminars and their own conferences each year, and it is in this latter role that they come to Bangor to share their experience in the care of the elderly.