Street by Street

Three churches in the Bangor West area are working together on a project they hope will bless their community. Carnalea Methodist, West Presbyterian and St Gall’s Church of Ireland will start knocking on doors in the Rathmore Road area on Tuesday 24th January from 6.30 to 7.30pm.

The idea of the project is to have one street that all 3 churches will pray for throughout a 2 week period. Volunteer church members will go knocking on doors in the street on a Tuesday night between 6.30-7.30pm and simply ask if there is anything they can pray for – for family members, for someone who is sick, for something they are worried or anxious about, or whatever concerns they have? All prayer requests will be recorded and treated absolutely confidentially. No names or addresses will be collected or referred to.

Team members will pray following the contact and members in each of the 3 churches will then be asked to pray for that particular street throughout the following 2 weeks. No individual details will be used.

If someone is out or doesn’t feel able to come to the door when the team members call they can complete a little postcard which will be posted through their door and write a prayer request on that. There will be post boxes outside all 3 churches to put these prayer request cards into.

After 2 weeks the churches will move on to a different street in the same area.

Rev Fiona McCrea of Carnalea Methodist, who is Coordinator for Street by Street said:

We are always looking for ways to bless our neighbours and our community and we go out confidently street by street to offer prayer support in this area knowing that we have a wonderful, loving God who listens to and answers prayer. Maybe not always the way we expect! It’s an extra blessing that all 3 churches are working together on this and there will be 3 churches praying! Amazing! We look forward to seeing a change in our Bangor West area.