Just Breathe


In ancient times when someone stopped breathing it was taken that their spirit had left their body, in fact in both Greek (pneuma) and Hebrew (ruach) there was only one word for spirit and breath. The Bible says God made man from dust, breathed into his nostrils and created a living soul.

As a parent and grandparent the experience of having a child sleep on my chest is so wonderful; just hearing, seeing, feeling them breathe is such a special thing. The child also experiences the soothing rhythm of the rise and fall of the adult chest. It reminds me of that place in the Psalms where it talks about our souls being calm and contented within us, just like a weaned child resting on his mothers breast

There have been many times when I needed to know the nearness of God, when I questioned if He saw me and knew my name, if he still loved and cared for me as His child. Knowing in my gut as well as my mind that God was as near to me as my next breath and I belong to Him has made all the difference to my life

Brene Brown says we are imperfect and wired for struggle, but also worthy of love and belonging. I think that just about sums it up.