How are we doing?

Better than we thought apparently in terms of who our website is reaching. According to the AWstats app on our site we are averaging about 105 views a day, so a genuine and heartfelt thanks to all of you for your support. Whenever we post something on our Facebook page it typically reaches 110 folk within a day or so.

We would very much like to welcome practical written contributions from the 52 churches in this area and from individuals with a heart for the kingdom. So if you have any stories, updates, news, announcements, events please contact us

If you have any ideas on how we can turn this website into the essential area church magazine we aspire to become, please let us know. Plus if you want to volunteer as a regular contributor or an admin role, or a liaison role with your church and Church Works we would love to hear from you

Our heart here at Church Works is to encourage, communicate, connect , announce, inform, launch new initiatives. Our staff is small and we are all volunteers, the simple fact is this: if we had more volunteers and contributors we could do so much more for the kingdom