Hindsight is a wonderful thing

Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

As a teenager, I thought I knew what I wanted to do in life, Occupational Therapy, anything but nursing.

Blip 1. Against all expectations, I was turned down. A year later I applied again, adding Physio and Nursing to the UCCA form. This time as a young Christian, I prayed that the Lord would open the door to the career He wanted for me. I was offered a place on a Nursing course!

Blip 2. My dad had dementia so after a couple of years in general nursing, I did mental health training. This put difficult personal experience to good use, I loved it, but it was hard physical work.

Blip 3. When my health became an issue, I moved to several “lighter” wards, and volunteered for the Alzheimer’s Society. Finally, I got my DREAM job as a Community Mental Health Nurse.

Blip 4. Again, ill health intervened and I was forced to take early retirement.

It is only now that I see Gods hand in all the apparent “blips” in my life. HE guided every career move to allow me to gain the experiences I needed. HE is using these experiences to change attitudes and understanding in the local community.

I am now part of the BICCI “inclusion” group aiming to encourage the churches and wider community to involve the marginalised, the elderly, the mentally &/or physically ill in the active life of our communities. We also distribute information about the activities and services available to churches.

Joy Ward