Help and assistance wanted

Without doubt one of the major stories in the world press over the last couple weeks has been the case of Edward Snowden, a former CIA employee who worked as a contractor for the American National Security Agency before leaking details of classified NSA mass surveillance programs to the press.

Whether we think of him as being a hero or a traitor, what has amazed many is the revelation of what is actually happening in the real world of cyberspace using technology that was once in the realms of Mission: Impossible & CSI:Miami.

While some distrust all forms of electronic communication, the internet remains a fantastic tool to get news out there, which brings me to my point.

We want to help you & your church to meet localised needs, particularly those of the most disadvantaged and marginalised.

So we have launched this website called as a service to churches, local agencies & the wider community in North Down. We know from our experience with Storehouse North Down how much can be accomplished when we join together, so this is an invitation.

If you can write articles, conduct interviews, take photos or if you have an appropriate story or an event or initiative to share, then we would like to hear from you.

Contact us for more details …

Image Credit © robynmac / iStockphoto