BICCI Conference

BICCI’s yearly conference  will take place on Saturday 20th September between 9.30 and 12.

Guest Speaker: Adrian McCartney

Adrian McCartney was born, grew up and still lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland, was a long distance runner in his youth, fell in love with Janice while at university, and married her when they were both teachers, has had three children since then (Ruth, Rachel, Joel), became an Anglican priest at 31, and has tried to be that since then, although not always successfully or willingly, can’t see the point of being a follower of Jesus if it does not turn everything upside down, has always been imaginative and willing to try, thus the many attempts to mould church and mission into new shapes, hates seeing things that could be better; but realises the challenge, of course, is doing something about it (this can get you into trouble) was part of a great idea which became known as StreetReach in the noughties, a way of doing mission that puts the church back on the street – “revival is sweeping the streets of Belfast”, launched a new idea called “Boring Wells” in 2002 – building Christian community around mission rather than around the inherited model of church programmes (it is going rather well), is in his mid–fifties and is still trying.

www.adrianmccartney.comWhen: Saturday 20th September, 9.30am to 12.

Location: First Bangor Presbyterian Church, Main Street, Bangor.

RSVP with number of people attending and church affiliation by 12th September 2014 to

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