Apple ‘n’ Jade Green

The bible says that not even a sparrow falls to the ground that God doesn’t know about. But sometimes in this crazy world we live in it’s difficult to believe the truth of that statement.

A while back I volunteered for Store House and one day we got a request for a two seater settee from a lady who had just been granted a new house.

Campbell, who I’m sure many of you are familiar with, began to slowly walk among the selection of available furniture we had. He stopped at a settee that was covered in jade green unfinished leather. This one, he said, to the surprise of some of the staff, including yours truly.

Off we went to deliver the settee, but when we got there the lady was out and the door was answered by a friend who asked us to be careful as he had not long finished painting the front lounge and it may be a little wet in places. When we carried the settee into the room I almost gasped to find the walls were apple white in colour. It all looked perfect like a fashion magazine.

What a God we have !

Tom lives in Bangor with his wife Iris, a retired civil servant he volunteers at Kiltonga Furniture Storehouse. Tom has been heavily involved in 24 hour praise events and is an enthusiastic Shofar player.