ChurchWorksNorthDown.com aim is to help improve communications and connections within the Christian community in and around Bangor and North Down.

ChurchWorksNorthDown.com is also dedicated to enabling Christians of Bangor and the surrounding area, of all denominations, to become collaboratively involved in addressing needs in the community, particularly those experienced by the most disadvantaged and marginalised.

The pen is mightier than the sword, a well-known phrase that has its origins in the earliest of times and through the history of world religions.

The written word is also easily the most misunderstood especially when it is done by amateurs. So if you read anything on this website that could be taken one of two ways we meant it to be read in the best & least offensive way.

One of our main motives is to encourage what Tim Keller calls “ministries of mercy” (Generous Justice) and to encourage cooperation among churches. The lesson we take from Psalm 133 is that the anointing and blessing of God comes upon us and all of of society is blessed when the church is living side by side in unity. This does not mean that we have to agree on everything.

So our aim is to warmly invite you to engage with this website, take part, contribute, and constructively comment. The last thing we want be is divisive, judgemental, competitive or elitist. We want to inform & inspire you by the stories and news we publish, like in Proverbs where it says that iron sharpens iron.

You may not necessarily agree with everything you read here but it is our hope that you may be lovingly challenged to make a meaningful contribution to make this place a better place and become an inspiration to others.

ChurchWorksNorthDown.com is an online reflection of Bangor Inter Church Community Initiative (BICCI). Read more about the history of BICCI.