A Conversation with Martyn Joseph

Now as some of you know I LOVE hearing Martyn Joseph in concert, and he is playing at the Errigle Inn on the Ormeau Road as part of the Real Music Club programme on Thursday 5th Nov, but here is an extra bonus event that I am so glad to tell you about.

Steve Stockman is hosting a special event which will be, in Steve’s words, “a rare treat”.

Steve has been interviewing Martyn Joseph for well over 15 years, on his old radio show Rhythm and Soul on BBC Radio Ulster, on his web page/blog and in his late night show at the Greenbelt Festival to name a few locations.

Steve writes “Obviously I have always been fascinated with songs and the crafting of them. Martyn is a craftsman. His work is poetic with deep content that touches the head, the heart and the soul. Whether it is his own songs, his collaborations with poet Stewart Henderson, his influences like Bruce Springsteen whose songs he has made an entire album out of, or his charity Let Yourself Trust there is always meaty stuff for a chat. Martyn’s songs and the depth charges they send down always challenges and inspires the way I live. Often they even inspire me to write some rhymes as well.”

“If you are a songwriter then this event is going to be a very helpful evening. Martyn knows how to write songs and is articulate in sharing the process. As you hear him talk about what has caused songs into being and then hear them performed you will pick up gems of wisdom to help with your own writing. If you are simply a fan of songs and songwriters then you will thoroughly enjoy getting in close and intimate with the art form. If you are a fan of Martyn’s then you will be fascinated as he speaks of songs that you probably love. In the wider realm of songwriting you will hear how other writers have spoken into Martyn’s life and fired his own imagination.”

Email stoxo@hotmail.com to book your place and pay on the door (£12)